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Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Howdy y'all

Hope everyone's well and got to take full advantage of the sunny sunshine we had this weekend. Roll on summer i canny wait. So me and the boy took an unplanned trip to Brighton on Friday was totally spur of the moment we booked a hotel and before we knew it we were m3 and are lil road trip had begun,wahhey!

 We got there Friday around 6 and just went for a stroll and had dinner. We went to this well nice lil Greek place and we were so Hungary we ordered shit loads, it wasnt until it arrived we were like oh no what have we done the lady just kept on bringing out another plate another bowl we looked so greedy, haaa!

After we just went back to the hotel n chilled out it was right on the sea front so was so close to everything. On Saturday we went and had a stroll into town and then round the lanes, love the lanes so much. One of the best things about Brighton is you don't have the feeling anyone is judging you, where i live you wear something slightly crazy and everyone stares at you and its such a horrible feeling that you cant be yourself, but there you can totally be who you want to be and no one even bats an eyelid. Me n the boy both got pierced up! i got my nose pierced again and he got his lip done again, i've had my nose pierced ummm well this is my 5th time but now i finally have what i want a hoop,yaaaay its a bit big a the mo but i'll be able to change it soon for a smaller one. After that we ate more food(im sure that's all we do love it) sat outside a lil restaurant and watched the world go by the sun came out and it was lovely i could of sat there all day.
But we had to go so a quick stroll along the pier and and bye bye Brighton. Oh it was are 3 year anniversary on sat wow cant believes it.

I wasn't prepared so couldn't take many pictures but i did take pictures of what i wore ha
I was messin around n then my boyf took a picture, surprisingly it didn't come out to bad
This is actually a bit embarrassing, there's so much. When you order a mezze where i live its normally really small and shit that's why we ordered all the rest, then it came n we were like oh god what have we done!
pretty much the only pic i took whilst oot n aboot, then my camera died. im so great!

                                                           Peace and love
                                                              kay x