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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Keep your head up keep your heart strong

Wow how the hell did I not know about Ben Howard? but i do now so it's all ok he has such a beautiful chocolatey voice so yummy. This song in particular has helped me process a lot of things in my mind and helped me accept things and too move on. May not be everyone's taste but for this moment in my life it has helped me hugely
"All I was searching for was me"

Enjoy while you look at my fotd pics me trying to look normall but just really lookin like a twat

Sunnys that i popped the lense's out

inner coner- mac contrast with mac cheers my dear pigment over the top
minddle of the eye - a cream coloured eyeshadow dont know make
Outer corner- mac contrast
lash line- mac cheers my deers (used wet)
Collection 2000 black eyeliner on lid
Bourjois mascara

Foundation- Collection 2000 colour match foundation
Benefit- Hoola to contour
Mac- pinch o peach , on cheek bones

Barry m lipstick - 129

Everything new look buuut the jumper which is toppers

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I just dont know

So me just having a play around with me new top not sure if i would actually wear it like this coz I hate my tum but what do you think  coz I thought it didn't look too bad but sometimes i get it completely wrong, but maybe that doesn't matter, hey ho.

                                              (sorry about the mess!)

                                                 hmmm not sure

                                                 and so i got changed

       jumper- portobello market, skirt- hnm, tights- primarni, converse, schuh

Monday, 19 September 2011

Its glossy and its a box!

So you guessed it i'm gonna do a review on the glossy box just like everyone else! But it's my first one and i was really excited to get it so thought i would add my 2 pennys worth.

For those of you who read it i dont expect many will because it's pretty much been covered and im not as magical with words like others so it wont be of much great description so you dont have to worry about it being an epic post but i wanted to do it so i am.

So sunday evening i went round my folks and was in the front room having a natter and for some reason or another  i looked to the window and there it was on sitting on our  wooden chest under the window sill amongst all the other clutter was my glossy box i lept up mid convo may of made some wierd squeel sort of noise skipped over to get it skipped back to the sofa and then i stroked the box for a bit, look i was excited ok!

Packaging 10 out of 10 couldnt fault it looks like it is done with much love, the boxes they come in are defo gonna come in handy aswell.

         Right so what did i get

L'oreal Mythic Oil

Love love love it my hair is so dry because of all the bleach that i use on it, only using a little bit of this  and my hair no longer feels like straw it smells really nice too well i think so and you get a full size bottle of this stuff 125ml and this on its own sales for between £10 and £15 depending where you buy it from so i well happy with that.

HD Brows

Also another amzing product i love it comes with four differant shades Nude, Carbon, Warm brown, Ash brown comes with a little brush which is ok and has a mirror which i think is wicked i know its just a mirror but its really clear its almost like an amplified mirror without making your face look huuage.

StriVectin SD eye concentrate

This says its a multi-dimensional eye cream targeting crow's feet, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. I dont have crow's feet yet and i hope i never will but even after a good 8 hours sleep i still get dark circles and puffiness so i hope this is good i will be trying out and let you guys know if it's any good

.Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

This is a multi function multi usage dry oil made of 6 precious oils with 98% natural ingriedients which can be used on face, body, and hair or so it says. So far i have only used it on my arms at the top they are a bit dry and it's been great cant fault it really and it leaves your skin all sparkly.

Plum by Mary Greenwell Eau de Parfum

Not much to say it smells like plum! Not sure if i like it or not ummm i think not.

Overall im well happy with my first glossy box and cant wait to get my next one

Mac'y mac'y mac mac

Hey guys hope everyone is well and had a good weekend? I paid a lil visit too mac on Saturday wahey good times. I was only able to do so because of my lovely boyfriend my health is a big problem for me and last week i had a couple of bad nights and because he works a night shift im on my own in the evenings Mon-fri, I find it hard being on my own and being ill and as my parents are only a ten minute drive away i have been going back home. Well on Saturday morning just before i was about to leave for work i found a card with my name on it  i opened it up and its from the boy writing lots of lovely sweet stuff and a big bundle of cash saying this is for your mac!!!! I was not expecting that what so ever i was happy enough with just the card things like that mean so much to me i felt bad accepting it as we are by no means the richest of folk. Aww aint he sweet.

So after work me and a new/old friend headed into Guildford to hunt down some mac goodies.

By new/old i mean I've known her for a while but never really got to know her and i wonder why as she is such a lovely person with such a good heart and crazy ways..

My goodies

Woop woop got my first big palette so haps. I got 3 new eyeshadows Nylon Contrast and Woodwinked

Without flash
Top row- Nylon, Carbon, Electra, Contrast, Da Bling
second row- Shale, Woodwinked, Twinks

With flash
If you can suggest any that you think may go well to fill up the rest of my palette let me know.
I could of bought so much more not sure why i didnt hmmm maybe i do an online purchase mac have free online postage till the 21st yaaaay

My card from the boy, aww soo cute! 

Also when i was in Guildford i picked up this lil number from work (new look)

In case you wanted to know what i was wearing it went a lil something like this

Black vest-new look, Leopard print leggings and leg warmers- hnm, Belt- primarni, Uggs online

Monday, 12 September 2011

just a quickie

Hey hope everyone had a good weekend? Mine didn't really consist of much other than a few drinks at the pub after work on Saturday and lots of eating, it's not just the weekend though im actually always eating or thinking of food always wanting to loose weight but love food to much annny whom im a rambling. Thought I would show some photos of my make up today nothing spesh but where I've been ill i haven't really had much make up on. I start my make up course on Wednesday and im sooooo nervous i have been out of education for 6 years now and i'm sort of freaking out i know it will be so different to what it was like in school and as its something i enjoy and want to do i should be looking forward to it and i am its just im so scared of failing, anyway I'll report back on Wednesday of how my first day went eeep!

 On my eyes i have used      
                                                                   Mac paint pot
                                                                   Mac all that glitters
                                                                   Mac satin taupe
                                                                   Mac Twinks
 On my face                                                Natural collection foundation
                                                                   Benefit hoola - used to  contour
                                                                   Famous by sue moxley - baked bronze in bali
On my lips                                                  Carmex
                                                                  Collection 2000- creme puff (smells like cream soda yuuuuum)
My eyebrows need doing big time but i am going to get them just before my course so they can look nice, yeah im sad

Outfit of the day thought i would take a quick snap just heading of to work, oh and that dodgy stain on my trousers droped a sundried tomatoe! woops. My face looks slightly crazed in this photo haaa

                                                                       Top,Trousers,Shoes - all new look

Thursday, 8 September 2011

I'm going back to my roots, yeah!

I dunno about anyone else but i go through lil phases of things, so like for a couple of weeks months all i do and look up and buy is make up then i'll change and i'll start making jewellery or doing loadsa different nail designs well this week it's all about hair well actually i have been thinking about it for a lil while but now it has taken over and im on my lil hair mission. Do i go back to my natural colour hmmm i havnt been dark in ages a big part of me wants to but when you convert to blonde it is hard to find your way back! My roots are pretty obvious and while im not really that bothered about having roots i just fancy a change so what to do hey? well im liking the idea of silvery/grey/purple rinse ish/lookin like fairy dust hair! yaaaaaay that sounds like fun but coz my hair is so curly or well it was but my good old friend bleach hasnt been to kind to it the curls are on a bit of a mad one at the mo and my hair is really dry i dont wanna trash it even more. Hmmmmmmmm oh i dunno what to do hey. Brown i love the idea but i know i will get bored to easily, red perhaps if it was piller box red, pink i've been pink twice bright pink so maybe i should go candy floss pink? and the silver/ purple? I'll post some pictures of hair i wish i had and if anyone has any suggestions, suggest away! Oh i did buy a lilac hair dye when i was up in camden the other day n dyed the end of my extensions let me know what you think? Have fun kay x
Enjoy this as look at the pics haaa



 I want this girls hair soooooooo much, stunning


These pictures are not mine they are what i have found on various hair sites if they are yours and you dont want me to use them please let me know x
Lastly my extensions that i dyed

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

yeah so

I'm pretty rubbish at the mo with the old blogging but been really poorly so nothing to exciting has been going on with me i'l do a couple of outfit post's from over the last few days nothing to exciting. I really need some new clothes im bored of wearing the same old stuff but nothing is really catching my eye at the mo and if it is im to skint to buy it! Trouble with me is i hate feeling like im a clone of everyone else and when you work in new look it's easily done so im on the hunt for some new bits i'll let you know if i come across anything good.

remember me!? make up that i have been doing most days pretty simple pretty boring!

work outfit
all new look apart fort jewellery

top- Thailand, leggings -primarni, leg warmers- hnm, uggs-online cant remember

top-new look shorts-camden shoes-new look

Thursday, 1 September 2011


So i've been off work sick so not really been upto much but the things i have done may have gone a lil something like this        
I'm  a bit shaky with me nails and whilst waiting for it to dry start doing other things so always end up bodging one of em up! come back and do the second hand and by then i've changed my mind on what i want so i tend to be a bit mismatched,

Over the week i decided i would pick up the old knitting needles! Oh dear me i dont know why i bother with knitting but it's a love hate thing i love the idea of being able to knit something  but hate the fact i'm actually rubbish at it, i think i've invented my own stitch as well! I do get myself in such a muddle but still i go back to it so here is what i've managed so far
Impressive hey!? still undecided what it is perhaps a sock or maybe it looks like a golf club warmer, golf clubs definitely need warming!? mmmm annnnyway next i got out my beads and started to make some jewellery again it's been a while so this is what happened

annnnd there you have it me being ill and bored hope people have had a good week im just off to put one of these 
 in the microwave yuuuuumy, even if you dont like it just do it, it looks like a big ginumbus marshmallow pillow.


been down so long, that it looks like up to me

As i lay here with my barbie blanket king of queens on in the background, my mind is occupied with thoughts of will i ever get better when will i feel like a normal 22 year old girl who doesn't spend her days worrying if her illness is getting worse rather than better i long for the days where i didn't have a care in the world where i didnt analyse everything i just want to feel like me and its been so long i forget who i am as im defined by being ill i live in a daydream i feel i live life in my head because thats the only way i can do the things i want without being restricted. I've had a big set back this week and i have had enough i dont want to feel like this any more i have perfected the art of feeling down " i've been down so long it looks like up to me" being down is all i seem to know how to feel sometimes well today i make a change today i'm on a mission to fix myself doctors don't want to know they think its all in my head so from today a change will take place step by step im on a mission to fix and find myself. Sorry bit of a different post more of a post for me so i have something to refer to if i start to slip back to my old ways.