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Thursday, 1 September 2011


So i've been off work sick so not really been upto much but the things i have done may have gone a lil something like this        
I'm  a bit shaky with me nails and whilst waiting for it to dry start doing other things so always end up bodging one of em up! come back and do the second hand and by then i've changed my mind on what i want so i tend to be a bit mismatched,

Over the week i decided i would pick up the old knitting needles! Oh dear me i dont know why i bother with knitting but it's a love hate thing i love the idea of being able to knit something  but hate the fact i'm actually rubbish at it, i think i've invented my own stitch as well! I do get myself in such a muddle but still i go back to it so here is what i've managed so far
Impressive hey!? still undecided what it is perhaps a sock or maybe it looks like a golf club warmer, golf clubs definitely need warming!? mmmm annnnyway next i got out my beads and started to make some jewellery again it's been a while so this is what happened

annnnd there you have it me being ill and bored hope people have had a good week im just off to put one of these 
 in the microwave yuuuuumy, even if you dont like it just do it, it looks like a big ginumbus marshmallow pillow.


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