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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunnny dayze

Hey hope everyones had a good weekend, enjoying the sun.

It was pretty toasty where i live yesterday not to bad today either. I've been out for 3 meals this weekend and
boy is my belly feeling it thank god for leggings n the old elasticated waist band, haaa. Did a spot of the old chairty shop shopping on saturday picked up a couple of bits.

Couple of pictures of my make up in the week and what i wore out for a meal with the boy on friday.

Im the sort of person who looks in the mirror n thinks that will do you look ok, take picture n i look fucking hideous so i never know whos telling the truth the mirror or the camera. So excuse my hideousness i just was trying to take pictures of my make up.

I will get back into the habit of doing this each day so its not so many pictures in one go im just  being a tad lazy at the mo, bear with me while i get back into the swing of things.

Hope everyone has a good week

kay x

Monday, 20 February 2012


Wow so I haven't posted since October oh dear!!

To be honest I wasn't sure if I had a place in the bloging world I mean I feel I have nothing worthy to blog about, i have a  rubbish camera i always look shit, im 23 n feel i have nothing goin for me. waaaa waaa waa. But so what i enjoyed doing it so that shouldnt stop me so im back chattin about the same old bollocks as i usually do haa.
So much has happened since October I went to a detox retreat to try n get myself better, I started a new job, it was christmas i ate lots, i got my hair dyed i turned 23 eeek and in between all that i've been shopping ummm lots it would appear. I've had 6 comments since I stopped posting and that means so much to me I appreciate anyone who's taken the time to stop by n have a lil look and follow my blog


Thought id show you sum of the new things i got
(warning lots of photos!)

   There we go lots of pics i know but i just wanted to share some of my new buys if anyone wants to know where somethings from gimmie a shout, i didnt want to make it any longer haaa. Anywaaay thanks for stopping bye.

peace x