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Monday, 20 February 2012


Wow so I haven't posted since October oh dear!!

To be honest I wasn't sure if I had a place in the bloging world I mean I feel I have nothing worthy to blog about, i have a  rubbish camera i always look shit, im 23 n feel i have nothing goin for me. waaaa waaa waa. But so what i enjoyed doing it so that shouldnt stop me so im back chattin about the same old bollocks as i usually do haa.
So much has happened since October I went to a detox retreat to try n get myself better, I started a new job, it was christmas i ate lots, i got my hair dyed i turned 23 eeek and in between all that i've been shopping ummm lots it would appear. I've had 6 comments since I stopped posting and that means so much to me I appreciate anyone who's taken the time to stop by n have a lil look and follow my blog


Thought id show you sum of the new things i got
(warning lots of photos!)

   There we go lots of pics i know but i just wanted to share some of my new buys if anyone wants to know where somethings from gimmie a shout, i didnt want to make it any longer haaa. Anywaaay thanks for stopping bye.

peace x


  1. where are the shorts and the 2nd pair of leggings from?
    They are beaut!

  2. ummm the first pair of shorts are from hnm the 2nd toppers annnd the galaxy leggings are from miss selfridge it took me ages to hunt them leggings down