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Saturday, 27 August 2011

I got the rich kid blues

Howdy yall!
 been a a bit slack had a operation the other day so just been taking it easy. Whats peoples plans for the bank holiday anything exciting? I have to work monday day but might be heading upto camden blues kitchen to see Mud Morganfield,  hopefully im well enough as i think it's a rare chance to see him. Anny whome have a good one x

 check shirt  is an oldy from internacionale, shorts got from a vintage shop in camden and shoe's topshop

Annd my make up for the day went a lil something like this
I look like a grumpster in most of my pics but im not a stunner and the camera really isnt too kind to me haa, anyways thats my excuse 

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Work Schmerk

As i feel like i spend most of my time at work i thought i might as well do a  work ootd. I work at new look sooo thats where a fair bit of my clothing comes from. I've found it hard to find things at work in the last month or so that i really like and as we need to keep upto date with are uniform i found i was struggling a bit untill i spotted this lil outfit
My hair inspired by Jimi like most days
These trousers are soo soft i think they are like a cheaper version of the topshop super soft jeans they are like  the step up from jeggings in the sense they dont look like pretend jeans but they are still really comfy, dunno about you guys but after wearing leggings for so long i find jeans really uncomfortable and crunchy! but not these oh no i loves em i do. 

The shirt is also really cute im not sure if i suit the button being all the way done up  but hey ho thats just the way i roll! I also love the black lace detail on the back i think that may have been its selling point!

Finished it of with some black leopard print pumps and off i go

Honest Opinions


Here are a couple of pictures, two different make up looks i did one on me one on my sister i know they are not brilliant but this is what this blog is for to help me improve on my make up skills, honest opinions please any tips advice would be appreciated but dont be to harsh!

Right here goes nothing

The first look is mee

my noes looks strangely loooooooong

yeah i only did one eye as was practicing winged liner on the other

Sooo that was me i know they arnt that great but i will get there

long post i know but next is my sister

 The eyes look a bit much in this one but i think it shows the shape well, lack of flash and a crappy camera!

If anyone actually likes them and wants too know what i used then leave a comment and i'll be happy to let ya know just dint want to make this post any more epic!! Hope ya like em

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Decisions Decisions

I've had my eye on some d'ms for aages now always lookin at them it seems, went up too camden the other day and just couldn't decide i seem to get stuck when  it comes down too what pair do i actually want all of them mmmmm yes please but with my bank balance i'll be lucky if i can afford one pair.

so for now i'll carry on looking at them wishfully and one day maybe me and my feet will be lucky enough to own a pair.
Dr. Martens 1460 Little Flowers Boots Profile Photo


These are my dream pair but i believe they are discontinued sad times i love this. you know when you need to have something not just want it well i need these, I feel they would make me a better person! Haa


Not too sure on these but they are the closet i can find to the last pair i think i prefer a matt finish to patent


Also rare love em

Friday, 19 August 2011

Got to start somewhere

Well here it is after thinkin about it for ages i've finally done it, i gots me a blog!

This blog is to mainly help me with improving my makeup skills and keeping track of my eods/fotds as im about to start a make up course and want something to keep me motivated but who knows whats gonna happen on here i'll post whatever i want coz it's myyyyy blog!

                         Oh im kay by the way

                                           In case you were wonderin that's me!