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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Honest Opinions


Here are a couple of pictures, two different make up looks i did one on me one on my sister i know they are not brilliant but this is what this blog is for to help me improve on my make up skills, honest opinions please any tips advice would be appreciated but dont be to harsh!

Right here goes nothing

The first look is mee

my noes looks strangely loooooooong

yeah i only did one eye as was practicing winged liner on the other

Sooo that was me i know they arnt that great but i will get there

long post i know but next is my sister

 The eyes look a bit much in this one but i think it shows the shape well, lack of flash and a crappy camera!

If anyone actually likes them and wants too know what i used then leave a comment and i'll be happy to let ya know just dint want to make this post any more epic!! Hope ya like em

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