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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Work Schmerk

As i feel like i spend most of my time at work i thought i might as well do a  work ootd. I work at new look sooo thats where a fair bit of my clothing comes from. I've found it hard to find things at work in the last month or so that i really like and as we need to keep upto date with are uniform i found i was struggling a bit untill i spotted this lil outfit
My hair inspired by Jimi like most days
These trousers are soo soft i think they are like a cheaper version of the topshop super soft jeans they are like  the step up from jeggings in the sense they dont look like pretend jeans but they are still really comfy, dunno about you guys but after wearing leggings for so long i find jeans really uncomfortable and crunchy! but not these oh no i loves em i do. 

The shirt is also really cute im not sure if i suit the button being all the way done up  but hey ho thats just the way i roll! I also love the black lace detail on the back i think that may have been its selling point!

Finished it of with some black leopard print pumps and off i go


  1. LOVE that blouse, gorgeous :) XX

  2. loving your blog, you're so pretty!! xx

  3. Aww ta but im just dabbling at the mo dipping me toes in the water so to speak , hehe. your blog's wicked love your style x

  4. Love this, espec the shirt.

    Helen, x

  5. Cheers love, really appreciate everyones comments x