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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Decisions Decisions

I've had my eye on some d'ms for aages now always lookin at them it seems, went up too camden the other day and just couldn't decide i seem to get stuck when  it comes down too what pair do i actually want all of them mmmmm yes please but with my bank balance i'll be lucky if i can afford one pair.

so for now i'll carry on looking at them wishfully and one day maybe me and my feet will be lucky enough to own a pair.
Dr. Martens 1460 Little Flowers Boots Profile Photo


These are my dream pair but i believe they are discontinued sad times i love this. you know when you need to have something not just want it well i need these, I feel they would make me a better person! Haa


Not too sure on these but they are the closet i can find to the last pair i think i prefer a matt finish to patent


Also rare love em


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  2. i love dms! those pale pink ones are amazing! XX

  3. I know im on a big ebay hunt for them! cant find em anywhere x