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Monday, 12 September 2011

just a quickie

Hey hope everyone had a good weekend? Mine didn't really consist of much other than a few drinks at the pub after work on Saturday and lots of eating, it's not just the weekend though im actually always eating or thinking of food always wanting to loose weight but love food to much annny whom im a rambling. Thought I would show some photos of my make up today nothing spesh but where I've been ill i haven't really had much make up on. I start my make up course on Wednesday and im sooooo nervous i have been out of education for 6 years now and i'm sort of freaking out i know it will be so different to what it was like in school and as its something i enjoy and want to do i should be looking forward to it and i am its just im so scared of failing, anyway I'll report back on Wednesday of how my first day went eeep!

 On my eyes i have used      
                                                                   Mac paint pot
                                                                   Mac all that glitters
                                                                   Mac satin taupe
                                                                   Mac Twinks
 On my face                                                Natural collection foundation
                                                                   Benefit hoola - used to  contour
                                                                   Famous by sue moxley - baked bronze in bali
On my lips                                                  Carmex
                                                                  Collection 2000- creme puff (smells like cream soda yuuuuum)
My eyebrows need doing big time but i am going to get them just before my course so they can look nice, yeah im sad

Outfit of the day thought i would take a quick snap just heading of to work, oh and that dodgy stain on my trousers droped a sundried tomatoe! woops. My face looks slightly crazed in this photo haaa

                                                                       Top,Trousers,Shoes - all new look


  1. Your hair looks really good! Good luck with your new makeup course :) x

  2. Looks gorgeous! A lovely natural look. I'm following! Follow back ;) x

  3. you look so nice! Love the eye make up :) x

  4. Thanks for everyone's comments means a lot x