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Monday, 19 September 2011

Its glossy and its a box!

So you guessed it i'm gonna do a review on the glossy box just like everyone else! But it's my first one and i was really excited to get it so thought i would add my 2 pennys worth.

For those of you who read it i dont expect many will because it's pretty much been covered and im not as magical with words like others so it wont be of much great description so you dont have to worry about it being an epic post but i wanted to do it so i am.

So sunday evening i went round my folks and was in the front room having a natter and for some reason or another  i looked to the window and there it was on sitting on our  wooden chest under the window sill amongst all the other clutter was my glossy box i lept up mid convo may of made some wierd squeel sort of noise skipped over to get it skipped back to the sofa and then i stroked the box for a bit, look i was excited ok!

Packaging 10 out of 10 couldnt fault it looks like it is done with much love, the boxes they come in are defo gonna come in handy aswell.

         Right so what did i get

L'oreal Mythic Oil

Love love love it my hair is so dry because of all the bleach that i use on it, only using a little bit of this  and my hair no longer feels like straw it smells really nice too well i think so and you get a full size bottle of this stuff 125ml and this on its own sales for between £10 and £15 depending where you buy it from so i well happy with that.

HD Brows

Also another amzing product i love it comes with four differant shades Nude, Carbon, Warm brown, Ash brown comes with a little brush which is ok and has a mirror which i think is wicked i know its just a mirror but its really clear its almost like an amplified mirror without making your face look huuage.

StriVectin SD eye concentrate

This says its a multi-dimensional eye cream targeting crow's feet, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. I dont have crow's feet yet and i hope i never will but even after a good 8 hours sleep i still get dark circles and puffiness so i hope this is good i will be trying out and let you guys know if it's any good

.Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

This is a multi function multi usage dry oil made of 6 precious oils with 98% natural ingriedients which can be used on face, body, and hair or so it says. So far i have only used it on my arms at the top they are a bit dry and it's been great cant fault it really and it leaves your skin all sparkly.

Plum by Mary Greenwell Eau de Parfum

Not much to say it smells like plum! Not sure if i like it or not ummm i think not.

Overall im well happy with my first glossy box and cant wait to get my next one

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