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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

yeah so

I'm pretty rubbish at the mo with the old blogging but been really poorly so nothing to exciting has been going on with me i'l do a couple of outfit post's from over the last few days nothing to exciting. I really need some new clothes im bored of wearing the same old stuff but nothing is really catching my eye at the mo and if it is im to skint to buy it! Trouble with me is i hate feeling like im a clone of everyone else and when you work in new look it's easily done so im on the hunt for some new bits i'll let you know if i come across anything good.

remember me!? make up that i have been doing most days pretty simple pretty boring!

work outfit
all new look apart fort jewellery

top- Thailand, leggings -primarni, leg warmers- hnm, uggs-online cant remember

top-new look shorts-camden shoes-new look


  1. if you ever having a clear out of your clothes sell em to me hee hee xxx

  2. haha i actually might put some of my clothes on here n do a blog sale so keep an eye out! xx