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Monday, 19 September 2011

Mac'y mac'y mac mac

Hey guys hope everyone is well and had a good weekend? I paid a lil visit too mac on Saturday wahey good times. I was only able to do so because of my lovely boyfriend my health is a big problem for me and last week i had a couple of bad nights and because he works a night shift im on my own in the evenings Mon-fri, I find it hard being on my own and being ill and as my parents are only a ten minute drive away i have been going back home. Well on Saturday morning just before i was about to leave for work i found a card with my name on it  i opened it up and its from the boy writing lots of lovely sweet stuff and a big bundle of cash saying this is for your mac!!!! I was not expecting that what so ever i was happy enough with just the card things like that mean so much to me i felt bad accepting it as we are by no means the richest of folk. Aww aint he sweet.

So after work me and a new/old friend headed into Guildford to hunt down some mac goodies.

By new/old i mean I've known her for a while but never really got to know her and i wonder why as she is such a lovely person with such a good heart and crazy ways..

My goodies

Woop woop got my first big palette so haps. I got 3 new eyeshadows Nylon Contrast and Woodwinked

Without flash
Top row- Nylon, Carbon, Electra, Contrast, Da Bling
second row- Shale, Woodwinked, Twinks

With flash
If you can suggest any that you think may go well to fill up the rest of my palette let me know.
I could of bought so much more not sure why i didnt hmmm maybe i do an online purchase mac have free online postage till the 21st yaaaay

My card from the boy, aww soo cute! 

Also when i was in Guildford i picked up this lil number from work (new look)

In case you wanted to know what i was wearing it went a lil something like this

Black vest-new look, Leopard print leggings and leg warmers- hnm, Belt- primarni, Uggs online

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