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Thursday, 8 September 2011

I'm going back to my roots, yeah!

I dunno about anyone else but i go through lil phases of things, so like for a couple of weeks months all i do and look up and buy is make up then i'll change and i'll start making jewellery or doing loadsa different nail designs well this week it's all about hair well actually i have been thinking about it for a lil while but now it has taken over and im on my lil hair mission. Do i go back to my natural colour hmmm i havnt been dark in ages a big part of me wants to but when you convert to blonde it is hard to find your way back! My roots are pretty obvious and while im not really that bothered about having roots i just fancy a change so what to do hey? well im liking the idea of silvery/grey/purple rinse ish/lookin like fairy dust hair! yaaaaaay that sounds like fun but coz my hair is so curly or well it was but my good old friend bleach hasnt been to kind to it the curls are on a bit of a mad one at the mo and my hair is really dry i dont wanna trash it even more. Hmmmmmmmm oh i dunno what to do hey. Brown i love the idea but i know i will get bored to easily, red perhaps if it was piller box red, pink i've been pink twice bright pink so maybe i should go candy floss pink? and the silver/ purple? I'll post some pictures of hair i wish i had and if anyone has any suggestions, suggest away! Oh i did buy a lilac hair dye when i was up in camden the other day n dyed the end of my extensions let me know what you think? Have fun kay x
Enjoy this as look at the pics haaa



 I want this girls hair soooooooo much, stunning


These pictures are not mine they are what i have found on various hair sites if they are yours and you dont want me to use them please let me know x
Lastly my extensions that i dyed

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