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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Clockwork Creep

Hey hope everyone had a good few days off. where you patriotic any jubilee celbrations? not for me but i did enjoy having four days off! 4 days at work can drag sooooo much yet 4 days at home n jus doin my thang just fly's by. So it's back to the grind but its cool i only have to work thursday and im off again friday and saturday yeeehaa. I'm going on a lil road trip to cheltenham to see my friend and im shockingly shit with directions so god knows how long it will take me to get there eeep oh well fingers crossed.

Annyways here's a couple of pictures of my outfit we went to wagamamas yesterday mmmm yummy scrum scrummy

Sorry aboot all the mess thats my second wardrobe and that one seems to be exploding aswell woops x


  1. Love this outfit and your make up looks soo good! xx

  2. Love your denim Jacket!

    1. thank you ive had it for ages but only just started wearing it x