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Sunday, 6 May 2012

new hai R

Hey so i've been away for a lil while but i had no camera but im back with a new one and im ready to go.
I've also been dabbling in the world of youtube so if you get a spare min and wouldnt mind checking out my vids there isnt many up at the moment still trying to get the hang of things but would appriciate your thoughts good and bad. Hope everyones well this just a mini post as i really wanted to show y'all my new hair. ok so its extensions that ive dyed  but let me know what you guys think as im planning on getting a all over pink weave so this is a kinda test run. Any who gotta get ready of to a lil vintage fair today, hope you have a good bank holiday weekend x


  1. Amazing hair!
    Hannah xo

  2. I love this hair it looks amazing!!
    I wish I have curly hair like yours I hate it
    being dead straight!! My bf has lovely curly hair