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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Saturday outing

Hey hey hey

So hope everyone had a good weekend did you do anything exciting? I was supposed to work saturday buut on friday at work we had this like awards type thingy so towards the end of the month the whole office has a meeting and if you do well or hit your targets you win stuff well it was 5 to 5 and i just wanted to go home i wasnt paying attention and then i just hear the end of my name name n i'm like ... huh what what's going on n everyones like you won you need to go up the front Arghhhhh it was so embarrasing i went bright red everyone one laughed and then when the boss man went to shake my head i put my thumb up and was like cheers oh the shame...... buut i got 50 quid in vouchers and 2 paid saturdays off waheeeey.

So anny whome i went out saturday night and here's a few snaps of my make up and what i wore

Me and my good friend jimi x 

Dress - HnM
Cycling shorts  - HnM
Shoes - Mr shoes
Shrug thing - New look

Tutorial of my make up is on my youtube channel kaymakeupface x 

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